ZEESTRATEN On 21 May 1989, the 'Genealogy Zeestraten' by G.C.A. Luyben from Nieuw-Vennep is presented for the first time to the family on a festive reunion at the Hotel-Restaurant 'The White Raven (De Witte Raaf)’ in Noordwijk'. This book is the start of a new research on the ancestors of my wife Nicoletta Catharina Maria Zeestraten. This 'Genealogy Zeestraten' has listed Cornelius Zeestraten, born about 1580 in Noordwijk, as oldest ancestor. The oldest ancestor of my research is his grandson (in the book Generation III): Jacob Corneliszn of Seestraten, married to Marijtje Simonsdr. They lived from about 1685 near Noordwijkerhout, Vogelenzang and Bloemendaal. I have not been able to find older ancestors yet. To copy the book indiscriminately is not an option, because the book is rather different from the primary sources, as further explained with the outline of the married sons of Jacob Corneliszn. Of course, the ancesters of the Ruigrok family are included. More about this family on this page. During the investigation it turns out soon, that there are more links between the family Zeestraten and the family Ruigrok then only the marriage of my parents-in-law. More about that on the page 'relationships’.
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