CONSANGUINITY Directly at the beginning of the study, it is striking that not only the mother of Nicoletta (Elisabeth Catharina), but also the paternal grandmother (Nicolette Apolonia) is a Ruigrok. The question then immediately is: are they perhaps relatives? And indeed they are relatives, but many generations back, as shown in the diagram below.
The above diagram is actually a small partof the pedigree chart of Nicoletta Catharina Maria Zeestraten. If some persons have common ancestors, the number of ancestors is smaller than you'd expect in principle. This is called the reduction of pedigree chart. In the above diagram is that the case at multiple locations. Leendert Jans Ruijgrok and Crijntje John Langeveld are the ancestors of Elisabeth Catharina and Nicolette Apolonia Ruigrok (indicated in red). But the pedigree of the mother Apolonia Ruigrok includes members of the Ruijgrok family as well. They are related with the Ewout-branch by marriage. OTHER RELATIONS There are more examples of a marriage between Zeestraten and Ruigrok: In 1968 Henry Arnold Ferdinand Ruigrok (1942-2000) married with Magdalena Zeestraten (1945-?) and Johannes Antonius Zeestraten (1905-1977) married in ??? with Clasina Maria Ruigrok (1915- 1982). Another example is the marriage of Anna Margaretha Maria Ruigrok (1925-?) and Cornelis Peter de Groot (1920-1989), son of Adrian de Groot and Maria Wilhelmina Zeestraten, in 1946. The families Ruigrok and Zeestraten are also related to each other in other ways, as indicated in the diagram below.
In the above relationship diagram for example, Jacob Dirkszn Zeestraten and Chrijntje Hannese Ruijgrok are brother and sister in law. Site Map Site Map Dirk Jacobs Zeestraten Aegje Laurisse van der Fits Hendrik Cornelis Oostdam Antje Willems Steen- voorden Johannes Leenderts Ruijgrok Trijntje Hillenaar X 1720 X 1738 Jacob Dirkszn Zeestraten Neeltje Hendriks Oostdam Engel Hendrikse Oostdam Chrijntje Hannise Ruijgrok X 1764 X 1782 Jacobus Leendertszn . Ruijgrok Marijke Van der Drift Johannes Jacobszn . Ruijgrok Quirina Westgeest Johannes Albertus Ruigrok Catharina Johanna de Vreede Leendert Leendertszn . Ruijgrok Geertrui van Haastert Petrus Ruigrok Johanna Maria Elisabeth Roozenburg X 1745 X 1782 X 1854 X 1822 X 1921 Elisabeth Catharina Ruigrok Leendert Jans Ruijgrok Crijntje Jans van Langeveld X 1702 Nicoletta Catharina Maria Zeestraten X 1952 Petrus Leonardus Zeestraten Nicolette Apolonia Ruigrok X 1912 Martinus Petrus Zeestraten Arien Theuniszn . Ruychrock Jan Leenderts Ruijgrok Maertje Cornelisdr . van der Loos Leendert Crijnszn Ruijgrok Pleuntje Claesdr . van Wouw Crijn Leenderts Ruijgrok Jobgen Adriaansdr . Leendert Ewoutszn . Anthonis Jans Machteld Herpertsdr . Neeltje Florisdr . X 1672 X 1637 X 1596 X <1570 Jacob Ammerlaan Apolonia Leendertsdr . Romeijn Leonardus Arentse Romeijn Jacoba Bellecom Arend Leenderts Romeijn Margaretha van der Harg Cornelis Janszn . Ruijgrok Helena Koot Johannes Ruigrok Martijntje van der Krogt Jan Leendertszn . Ruijgrok Barbara Cornelisdr . Raaphorst Cornelis Ruigrok Nicolette Ammerlaan X 1732 X 1785 X 1842 X 1817 X 1737 X 1811 Leonardus Leenderts Romeijn Geertrudis Arendse Ruighrock X 1705 X 1535 X 1570 Arend Anthonis Ruychrock Neeltje Teunisse van den Bosch XX 1676 N.N. Huygen Thoniszn . Ruychrock Baertgen NN . Anthony Huygenszn Ruychrock Catharina Jansdr . van der Vlieg X 1784