OTTO REMPTS (AT304) and HENDRICKJE JANS (AT305) In the introduction I have indicated some links between the descendants of Otto Rempts, Arien Pontius and Pieter Jacobs Allema . Otto Rempts and Arien Pontius both have offspring who call themselves ‘Bos’. On this page, an elaboration of the married sons of Otto Rempts. On the page of Arien Pontius I do the same for his descendants. In other diagrams of married sons, I only mention the first given name of the men, supplemented with any initials, if necessary. In this case, the surname can be Bos, ten Oever or Wieringa or there is only a patroniem. So in this diagram I mention all the surnames of the men if it used in the files. The abbreviation 'ho' means 'husband of'. I only mention the surname (maiden name) of the wives . Behind each name, the year of birth is mentioned (if known) in parentheses. Sometimes there is a red line on the right side of a couple. That means that I didn’t find married sons of this couple, so the relevant branch of the genus stops there. Under the man’s name you see a number and a name of a town. The number represents the total number of children (possibly in multiple marriages), and the name of the town shows the (main) recidence of the family. I have outlined some names in yellow. Below the diagram I tell more them.
YELLOW FRAMES. I would like to make a few remarks to the couples in the yellow frames. From left to right and in the same generation from top to bottem: Egbert Ottes Wieringa (1773) marries Anna Bernardus Scholtens (1788) in 1808. They don’t have married sons, but two of their granddaughters: Anna Scholtens en Gebbina Scholtens marry Jan Bos en Willem Jacobs Bos respectivly. Just like Egbert, Jan Bos en Willem Jacobs Bos descend directly from Otto Rempts and thatswhy they are mentioned in the diagram above. Regnerus Willems Bos (1817) marries Wiena Maria ten Oever (1819) in 1843, daughter of  Jan Cornelis ten Oever and Johanna Egbertus Wienkes Kamphuis. Both descend directly from Otto Rempts and Hendrikje Jans (see the diagram on the previous page). Johannes ten Oever (1835) marries Margaretha Jans Wieringa (1831) in 1863, daughter of  Jan Cornelis Wieringa en Grietje Pieters Bos en widow of van Edo Willems Alma (see the diagram on the previous page). There is more to tell about the lineage of Margaretha in connection to the lineage of her husbands. More about that on the next page. Gerardus Johannes Bos (1870, descends from Otto Rempts and Hendrikje Jans) marries Franciska Catharina Bos (1874) in 1893 (Catharina descends from Arien Pontius Boersema and Grietje Pieters Bos). So, the families are well connected.
Site Map Site Map Otto Rempts 3 / KBUREN ho. Hendrickje Jans Egbert  O Wieringa (1773) 9 / UITHUIZEN ho. Scholtens  (1788) Otte Egberts  (1734) 8 / UITHUIZEN ho. Willems  (1746) Renerus NF Bos (1829) ho.  van der Huur (1834) Otto R Bos  (1802) 5 / APPINGEDAM ho. Haak  (1797) Johannes S Bos (1828) 2 / SAPPEMEER ho. Nagel  (1822) Freerk  R Bos (1798) 1 / APPINGEDAM ho. Kruiger  (1800) ho. Peppelenbos (1803) Harmannus Bos (1866) ho. Bottema  (1869) Jan Bos  (1831) 8 / KBUREN ho. Scholtens  (1843) Bernardus  R Bos (1788) 2 / LEENS ho. Klaessens  (1776) ho. Feddema  (1772) ho. Scholtens  (1800) Reinerus  B Bos (1762) 6 / USQUERT ho. Willems  (1749) ho.  Van der Laan (????) Berend Egberts (1735) 3 / KBUREN ho. Renje Renjes (????) Egbert Ottes 4 / KBUREN ho. Aaltje Berends Willem Bos  (1874) ho. Wilbrink  (1884) Johannes Bos  (1871) ho. Kaauw  (1874) Bernardus Bos  (1870) ho. Kaauw  (1872) Pieter  J Bos  (1840) 9 / UITHMEEDEN ho. Arends  (1835) Jan W Bos  (1810) 5 / USQUERT ho. Boelens  (1813) Tewes Bos  (1845) ho. Tebbens  (1846) Ricardus  W Bos (1802) 7 / UITHUIZEN ho. Wieringa  (1804) ho. Keun  (1801) Willem  J Bos  (1821) ho. Beernink  (1825) ho. Scholtens  (1845) Jacob W Bos  (1799) 5 / UITHUIZEN ho. Elerij  (1799) ho. Bonting  (1811) Willem Bos  (1866) 7 / USQUERT ho. Poelma  (1883) Johannes W Bos (1825) 7 / USQUERT ho. Scholtens  (1843) Ite  J Bos  (1879) ho. Amsing  (1871) Johannes Bos  (1856) 4 / LEENS ho. Halsema  (1856) Kornelis  J Bos    (1872) ho. Amsing  (1879) Gerardus  J Bos (1870) ho. Bos  (1874) Regnerus Bos  (1869) ho. Poelma  (1884) Willem  R Bos  (1845) 11 / NOORDWOLDE ho. Leber  (1846) Regnerus  W Bos (1817) 8 / UITHMEEDEN ho.  ten Oever  (1819) Willem  J Bos (1777) 10 / USQUERT ho. Rikkerts (1778) ho.  PR Feddema (1791) Jan J Bos  (1775) 4 / LEENS ho. EIR Feddema (1772) Jacob J Bos  (1737) 6 / USQUERT ho. Klaessen  (1734) ho. Willems  (1749) Johannes F ten Oever  (1820) ho. Timmer  (1810) Freerk  C ten Oever (1792) 3 / WEHE ho. Halsema  (1795) Johannes ten Oever (1835) ho. Wieringa  (1831) (= wed. Edo Wilms Alma) Jan C ten Oever (1789) 6 / EENRUM ho. Kamphuis  (1795) Sevorinus  ten Oever (1820) ho.  Van Oosten (1839) Willem  C ten Oever (1786) 4 / ... ho. Riepma Wilhelmus  J ten Oever  (1816) 3 / BEDUM ho. Tebbens  (1810) Otto C ten Oever (1783) 6 / ... ho. Boelens  (1788) ho. Joosten  (1796) Cornelis Ottes  ten Oever  (1755) 7 / EENRUM ho. Boelens  (1759) Otto Jans  (1731) 5 / KBUREN ho. Cornelis  (????) ho. Olgers  (????) ho. Halsema  (1773) Jan Ottes  (ca. 1700) 6 / KBUREN ho.  Jacobs (????)