NOTES TO THE REPORTS. In the website of the Alma family, I put a number of links between this family and the families Alma, Bot, Bos, Bloemsma, Flierl and Bijl (Biel) by intermarriage and emigration to the US One of these families, the Bos family, was laid down in this part of the website, with the following reports as elaboration: 1. the descendants of Otto Rempts and Hendrickje Jans; 2. the descendants of Arien Pontius Boersema and Grietje Pieters Bos; 3. the ascendants and descendants of Catharina Willems Bos. Catharina Willems Bos first married Heere Berends Bot and secondly Bernardus Anthonius Somers. More information about these couples on the part of the website about BOT.
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