EXPLANATION OF THE GENEALOGY REPORTS. 1. The first report is about the descendants of the oldest known ancestor the Ewout branche of the Ruigrok family is Leendert Ewoutszn, born around 1550. 2. the second report is the pedigree tree (Ahnentafel) of Nicoletta Catharina Maria Zeestraten. Seven generations are complete now (until about 1750). Some parts go back even further. SPECIAL REPORT RUIJCHROCK As I mentioned in the introduction, the Leendert Ewoutszn. is not a direct descendant of Jan Ruychrock (van de Werve), who lived in a castle in 's Heerhendrikskinderen in Zeeland and since 1448 also at the Huys te Werve in Rijswijk. The actual connection with this Jan is explained in detail in the introduction of this site. You can find more about Jan Ruychrock (van de Werve) and his descendants, as far as I've found them to date. This part of the website is only available in Dutch.   A report opens in a new window. When you close that window, you will come back to this page.
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