NOTES TO THE REPORTS I have shown a number of links in this website between the Alma family and the families Bot, Bos, Bloemsma, Flierl and Bijl ( Biel) by intermarriage and emigration to the US. Some highlights of the Bot family are shown in the previous pages of this part of the website. Below are links to detailed reports. 1. At first, the descendants of Hendrik Jans, who married Frouke Lamberts in Eppenhuizen on April 22, 1694. 2. Ancestors and descendants of Catharina Willems Bos. 3. William Bot , brother of Catharina Hero Bot. He emigrates in 1886, at the age of 40, with his wife Debora Schreuder and 8 children from Uithuizen to Ghent, Minnesota, US. The children of Willem en Debora want to be farmer and Willem expects more opportunities in the US than in Groningen. 4. Deborah Schreuder, wife of William Bot.
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