EXPLANATION OF THE GENEALOGY REPORTS. In this website I show some links between the Alma family and the families Bos, Bot, Bloemsma, Flierl and Bijl (Biel) by intermarriage and emigration to the U.S.. On this page you not only find links to the oldest known ancestors of my parents, but also some links to the couples, which make the connections between Dutch families and families from the U.S. clear, as shown in the figure below: 1. The first overview covers the descendants of my oldest known ancestor: Jacob Peters from Spijk. 2. Jacobus Tjaarts Alma (my great grandfather, married to Catharina Hero Bot). All the living members of the family descend directly from him. 3. Bernardus Wilhelmus Alma. Hij emigrates to the US in 1894 and marries Gertrude Demphne Bloemsma in Chicago in 1901. He is the forefather of all the living family members in the US. 4. Gertrude Demphne Bloemsma. Wife of Bernardus Wilhelmus Alma, born in the US, daughter of Dutch parents from Friesland. 5. Ate Bloemsma, the grandfather of Gertrude. 6. Cornelis Flierl, grandfather of Agatha and Tjitske Frederika Flierl, wives of Petrus Bloemsma. 7. Willem Bot, brother of Catharina Hero Bot. He emigrates in 1886, at the age of 40, with his wife Debora Schreuder and 8 children from Uithuizen to Ghent, Minnesota, US. The children of Willem en Debora want to be farmer and Willem expects more opportunities in the US than in Groningen. 8. Debora Schreuder, wife of Willem Bot. 9. Klaas Pieters (Bijl) is the oldest known ancestor of the family 'Bijl' or 'Biel'. 10. Willem (William) Biel: great-grandson of Klaas Pieters Bijl. Born in The Netherlands, emigrated to the U.S. and marries Elisabeth Bloemsma, full sister of Gertrude Demphne Bloemsma. He settles in Seattle, Washington. 11. Johannes Jodukus Suren is the oldest known ancestor of the genus Suren. He is one of the ancestors of Maria Theresia Sabina Alma. 12. De pedigree of my second cousin Maria Theresia Sabina Alma, made possible with a significant amount of data out of her collection. 13. And finally my own pedigree tree, Johannes Gerardes Josephus Alma.  When you click a link, a new window is opened. When you close that window, you will automatically return to this page. New reports will be added and the reports will change due to new results of the ongoing research. Please let me know by e-mail if you have any questions or remarks.
Jacobus Tjaarts Alma 1836-1902 Catharina Hero Bot 1840-1889 Willem Bot 1836-1906 Deborah Schreuder 1839-1922 Heere Berends Bot 1800-1848 Catharina Willems Bos 1814-1882 X 1860 X 1832 X 1859 X 1901 Bernardus Wilhelmus Alma 1870-1932 Gertrude Demphne Bloemsma 1876-1956 Petrus Bloemsma 1844-1927 Agatha ( Akke ) Flierl 1844-1878 Elisabeth Bloemsma 1874-? Willem Biel 1874-1950 X 1898 X 1868 Jacob Peters ( uit Spijk ) Cornelis Flierl ca.1765 -1825 Klaas Pieters Bijl 1771-1846 Ate Bloemsma 1813-1871 Margaretha Osseman 1815-1902 X 1838 Alma Bot Bloemsma Biel