THE THREE PIONEERS Three of my ancestors have through the years taken up their residence outside the Netherlands: Tjaart Alma leaves for Australia in 1882, where he dies the following year without offspring. Willem Bot leaves in 1886 with his wife Deborah Schreuder and eight children to Ghent in Lyon County, Minnesota, after two of his sons (Bernard and Hero) having explored the situation there first for a season in 1884 as a hired hand. William is ancestor of a flourishing branch of the family Bot in the US. Bernardus Wilhelmus Alma departs in 1893 to the US. He marries in 1901 in Chicago with Gertrude Demphne Bloemsma and is ancestor of a flourishing branch of the family Alma in the US.
Mutual family relations of the three pioneers
The next pages show some background information about the countries they went to take up there new residence.
Two sons of William and Deborah (Hero and Henderikus (Henry)) return to The Netherlands in 1907 to marry a Dutch bride. The two new couples travel back to the USA in August 1907 on the USS Rijndam. They travel together with their nephew Kornelis Bot (up to that moment shopkeeper in Bedum). The diagram below shows the family relations of these pioneers. The persons in red and black are my direct ancestors. The persons in red are my direct ancestors in a direct line  from me to my oldest known forefather. The other persons are shown in green, the year of leaving the Netherlands in blue.
Bernardus Wilhelmus Alma and Gertrude Demphne Bloemsma. Wedding picture 1901, provided by Ron Cancilla, US
William Hero Bot and Deborah Schreuder
Henry J. Bot and Gerada J. Peters 1908         Hero W. Bot and Anna Paagman
Jacobus Tjaarts Alma 1836-1902 Catharina Hero Bot 1840-1889 Willem Bot 1836-1906 Deborah Schreuder 1839-1922 Heere Berends Bot 1800-1848 Catharina Willems Bos 1814-1882 Tjaart Freerks Alma 1805-1837 Gebina Jacobs Scholtens 1812-1879 Tjaart Alma 1856-1883 Bernardus Wilhelmus Alma 1870-1932 X 1860 X 1832 X 1855 X 1859 X 1830 1893 1886 Hero Bot 1861-1948 Anna Elisabeth Paagman 1867-1949 X 1907 Henderikus Josephus Bot 1876-1941 Gerada Jantina Peters 1885-1966 X 1907 Bernardus Bot 1833-1912 Anna Maria Poelma 1850-1926 Kornelis Bot 1878-? 1886 USS RIJNDAM     19-26  1907 CHIMBORAZO  1882 Freerk Tjaarts Alma 1831-1885 Catharina Amsing 1826-1909 X 1870 August