This document reports the details of 1365 individuals, of which 686 are male and 674 are female. Of the 773 individuals with recorded birth and death dates, the average lifespan was 52,8 years. Of these, 391 males averaged 51,3 years, and 382 females averaged 54,3 years.

The longest living male was Kornelis Jacobus Bos, who died aged 94. The longest living female was Jans Bos, who died aged 96.

There are 577 families reported. 290 of these families are reported as having children, with an average of 3,6 children per family.


The "Direct Relations" section reports the details of individuals who have a direct family connection to Debora Schreuder. The section is broken into sub-sections for each generation, within which the individuals are listed in order of closeness of relationship. The sequence numbers are used throughout the document to cross-reference back to the detailed entry of an individual.

With a narrative section, each generation is shown as a separate subsection, within which the individuals are listed in order of the closeness of their relationship to Debora Schreuder.


Each family tree shows the reported children, parents, grandparents and great-grandparents of a family group. In order to reduce redundancy, any family group which is wholly included within another family tree may not be reported separately.

Above each of the great-grandparent boxes (top row), a continuation family tree reference number is shown if the great-grandparent is recorded as a child in the continuation tree. A continuation reference number is also shown to the left of a grandparent or parent box if that individual has siblings reported in the continuation tree; and beneath a child box (bottom row) if that individual has children reported in the continuation tree.

In cases of multiple marriages, a continuation reference number preceded by "=" is shown to the right of a parent box. This number references the previous and/or next tree in which that individual is shown with another partner.